Phoenix Archery Club commenced in June 2009 and a great deal of interest has been shown in the sport.

The Club focuses on youth while maintaining a strong senior base to help inspire and mentor the younger shooters – all this in a family friendly environment.

In July, six members of Phoenix Archery Club competed at the State/National Indoor Championships.

The results were impressive, with all three junior members receiving medals – three gold and one silver – and several state and national records were shot.  The senior members all placed well within their divisions.

Presently instruction is overseen by Hans Wright (OAM) who has around 60 years experience.

A “Come and Try” program is currently being developed which will provide instruction to small groups.

The Club welcomes anyone who would like to experience the sport.  Our youngest shooter is just five years old and we have several families who shoot together.

Archery is safe, fun and very addictive.  It improves concentration, confidence and general well-being.

Currently indoor sessions are conducted between 10 am and 12:30 pm every Sunday.

Shooting fees are reasonable and equipment is available for hire.