Casey Indoor Volleyball brings your favourite summer sport INDOORS and beach sand!

Beach Volleyball is fast becoming one of the most popular indoor sport in Melbourne with competitions catering for beginners right through to experienced players. Beach Volleyball is a modified version of Hard Court Volleyball, played on sand. Therefore, most of the rules are the same except for slight variations which allow everyone to become more involved in the game. You will adapt to these rules very quickly as you play the game.

At Casey Indoor Sports, competitions are run on most nights of the week, catering for men’s, women’s and mixed divisions. Teams can consist of 2, 4 or 6 players.  Games run for 32 minutes (or 18 mins for 2 on 2) with the result depending on which team has won the most sets (first to 25 points) or (2 on 2 15 points) within the time allotted.

All equipment and umpires are also provided.